The legal fees listed below are for immigration applications only and do not include the necessary Citizenship and Immigration Canada application fees , taxes or disbursements (courier costs, photocopies, etc). Please note that our fees are subject to change without notice.

Immigration Consultation (1 hour)
  • First consultation $150 CDN
Temporary Residence and Extension Applications (Corporate rates available for Canadian companies)
  • Visa (visit, study, work) $2,000
  • Visa (inside Canada, for work or study permit-holders) $1,200
  • Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) $1,500-$4,000
  • Border package (for work, study or business visitor permit) $1,500
  • Visitor, work or study permit extension in Canada $1,500
  • International Mobility Worker Unit opinion or IMP work permit $2,500 (may vary)
Permanent Residence Applications
  • Family Class $5,000
  • Business Class Self-employed or Provincial business category $6,000- $12,000
  • Investor Class provincial $7,500
  • Skilled Worker Express Entry and Provincial Nominees $4,000-$5,000
  • Expression of Interest/ Express Entry Profile $1,200
  • Assistance with recruitment or advertising $1,200
Citizenship and Renewal of Permanent Residence Card Applications
  • Canadian citizenship, Confirmation of Canadian Citizenship,renewal of Permanent Residence Cards $1,500
  • Special Cases for those whose applications are not straightforward due to absences from Canada or other circumstances $2,000+
  • Residence Questionnaire for citizenship or permanent residence card renewal applications – depends on complexity, generally $2,000+
Other Types of Immigration Matters
  • Humanitarian and Compassionate Applications in Canada only – $5,000 (may vary)
  • Temporary Residence Permit (TRP) $3,500-$4,500
  • Application for Criminal Rehabilitation $3,000 (may vary)
  • Medical Inadmissibility (Research and Submission) $3,000 (may vary)
For all matters, generally we require two payments. Once the client pays the first payment equivalent to one half of the legal fees, we immediately begin working on the application. Once the application is prepared, the client is billed for the second amount which includes the legal fees, the application fees and the taxes and disbursements. Invoices must be paid within two weeks. We accept payment by cheque, cash, wire transfer, Interac email transfer and credit card (PayPal).

Please note the amount we charge is for the process, not the result. Results can never be guaranteed by anyone (lawyer or immigration consultant).