About Canada Visa Application
Canada Visa Application provides fundamentally the best way for those who desire to come to Canada to connect with the best lawyers. Canada Visa Application is a legal service, operated by Canadian Lawyers, made for every non-Canadian individual or family who desires to come to Canada.

Core values
Honesty and Integrity, Social Responsibility, Transparency, Profit, but profit from work that benefits humanity, Encouraging individual ability and creativity.

Our mission is to provide outstanding Immigration Services.

Principal Lawyer
Lawyer Berta Biscevic
Attorney Biscevic is a member of Quebec's Bar Association since 2012. Attorney Biscevic has extensive experience in Canadian Immigration Law with very high success rate. Prior to becoming the lawyer, Attorney Biscevic studied at the University of Laval and UQAM. Attorney Biscevic specializes in the entire Canadian Immigration Law at both Federal and Provincial levels.

Why Canada Visa Application?
We empower those who desire to come to Canada by providing them with cutting edge legal services, legal expertise and advice. Canada Visa Application provides a convenient and easy way to obtain professional immigration services.

Our Philosophy
We want to keep things simple and easy so you get the best legal services. We believe that if there’s a chance for you to come to Canada, it should be easily accessible to you. You should not be denied the opportunity to come to Canada, simply because you didn’t know!